How to set conditional Triggers

I need help getting some triggers to work.  I have a "Course Modules" slide that has four buttons on it. Each button  jumps the learner to a different scene(Module).  At the completion of each scene I have a "Take me Back Button" that returns the learner to the "Course Modules" slide.  I have set a Viewed state on each of the 4 buttons that changes when the button is clicked.  I am trying to have a new button "Complete Course" appear on the "Course Modules" slide only after all four of the modules are viewed.  Is there a way to have this "Complete Course" button appear?   An alternative solution would be to have the course jump directly to the Complete Course Scene once all of the Modules are visited.  I have not bee able to figure out how to make either work

thank you for any help 

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Kamil Nowek

Yes, of course there is this possibility:
- you have to create for each button state "visited" and remember that your slide should have selected "automatically decide" or "resume save data" otpion;
- and create trigger show your layer with Complete Course button or change of Complete Course button to normal( earlier should be set to hidden state) when all your buttons are visited.