How to set state to change upon revisiting a slide?

Sep 11, 2019

Hi all, I've created a menu where each chapter has its own visited state.

After the learner has finished each chapter, they will go back to the menu to pick another chapter and so on. For every visited chapter I want it to change to its own visited state with a checkmark. My question is how to trigger this from another slide? 

  1. I've created a variable for each chapter, e.g. 'Chapter 1' with start value 0.
  2. When the learner clicks on 'Back to the menu' button on the last slide of each chapter, they should jump back to the menu, the variable should adjust to 1 (= visited) and change the state to visited.

Cannot make it work. How do I do this? Should the adjusted value perhaps be triggered on the menu slide? All information would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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David Schwartz

Assuming you are setting the variable to 1 (or you could use T/F variables and set to True) on the last screen of each chapter, that is, before the user goes back to the menu. 

On the menu slide,  you would want a trigger for each chapter button, basically to set the state of the button to its completed state when the timeline starts under the condition that the variable is set to 1 (or True).

If you wanted to share a sample, happy to take a look.


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