How to show slide notes in Storyline without showing a sidebar

Oct 14, 2012

Received this question from a Storyline user, and I wanted to place it here in the forums in case it might help others too:

"Could you please tell me the best way to let users show/hide the narration script in Articulate Storyline without using a sidebar? I always used the Narration Script button in Presenter, but it's not available in Storyline. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find a solution. Since not all learners want to see the script, I don’t want to use a sidebar.

Thanks for your help."

It's actually really easy to remove the sidebar and place the Notes tab (or other tabs) in either the topbar right or topbar left of your player. Here's a quick look at how to do it:

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Bruce Graham

Hi Jeanette,

It's a useful feature no doubt, however, from a design perspective, it's a bit clunky to have the Notes dropping down over the slides when placed Top-Left or Top-right.

I'm not sure of the best way around this, or what to suggest that is better! 

It might be nice, for example, to have the option of Notes at side or bottom, and when activated by user the slide compressed maintaining ration, (or something...) while the notes were active.

Just my 2p worth.


Jeanette Brooks

Great point, Bruce, and yes, for those who are curious, I should have mentioned: the current built-in features offer the option to put the Notes tab in either the upper left or upper right of the player. If you want their appearance to be elsewhere, you could certainly create a notes layer and manage the appearance of it via buttons and triggers, as shown in this post, or create notes via a lightbox like Tom shares here. And the dev team of course always welcomes feature requests!

Geert De Rycke

Hi Julie,

yes you can have noteson some slides only

each slide has a cogwheel icon next to its name.

When you click on it it opens the slide properties

Select custom for the selected slide in the player features

The bottompart will reveal some extra options you can tick; one of them is the show notes

Hope it helped


Maidie Golan

For a module I'm working on, I used the Player customization feature to add notes to some slides but not others. However, it seems that when I do that, for the whole project the player stretches out to the full size of the slides with notes. On the slides without notes, the content appears in the middle of the player with blank space to either side:

With notes:

Without notes:

Would appreciate advice on how to "grow" and "shrink" player to fit slides with and without notes.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maidie and welcome to Heroes! 

This is by design, as the story size (slide size) is set for the entire project and if the course were to scale to fit the player space elements of your content would be misaligned or at a different quality. You may want to look at adding the notes feature to the top right or left of the player instead of a tab - that way the user could access them when they wanted, but the screen would be "full size" throughout. 

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