How to show Storyline course within Unity 3D

Feb 24, 2023

Hello community,

hope you can support me. I read a lot of articels about integrating Unity 3D within storyline and tracking in a LMS.

I need it the in the other direction. 😃

I want to integrate storyline generated e-learnings within Unity 3D. Does anyone have an advice, an idea … or a little bit hope for me, what you suggest to integrate a storyline content on a “browser screen” within a Unity 3D world. Can you recommend a browser plugin that works? I checked the Unity asset store, but to be honest, I am not that deep into Unity, that I can decide which solution to take, especially when they cost something before I can decide it fits to my needs.

I want my user to walk in Unity in a 3D surrounding and meet at different locations with this browser screens, showing storyline content and interact with it. Browser frames, menus etc. should be disabled, only storyline player visible. That is the rough idea.

With this first idea I don’t need an LMS integration, tracking or any data transfered from storyline course to anywhere else.

Maybe you have an idea how that might be realised better with Unreal. I am at the very beginning, so I can go the Unity or the Unreal way in the future.

Best e-learning wishes


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Ralf Hartmann

Hi Benjamin,

I didn't get any response here, other than the idea of posting this in the Unity/Unreal community. You had already mentioned that.

Looking at these discussion forums leads to another problem: I don't know (as a German speaker) exactly enough what specific terms to look for or ask for. I tried "weboject", "webbrowser", "URL" and so on. Every result I got was about webobjects transferring data from here to there and vice versa. And some "plug-ins" or assets that you have to pay for, those might be ok.

I need something that (I thought) already exists in a million different variations and has been a feature included in Unity/Unreal for ages: a simple two-dimensional browser window placed somewhere in the three-dimensional world of Unity/Unreal. This browser window should be able to display a (review) link with content created in Storyline. It doesn't need any data exchange, no LMS ... the browser content should just respond to the simplest user clicks on the screen.

I don't know how else to explain it. Maybe some solutions I found were ok, but I don't know if this is really what I'm looking for. Because I don't want to spend money on something that doesn't meet my needs.

In the meantime, maybe you have found something and can give me some advice.

All the best and warm regards.