How to simulate gears turning?

Sep 25, 2014

Hello all,

I have a slide I'm building that would work great if I could show gears turning.

Has anyone done this before in Storyline (or SL2)?

If not - just looking for a few ways to approach it.



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Anthony Scott

I'd probably keep it simple...

  • Get yourself an image of a gear or cog with a transparent background
  • Apply the 'Spin' animation with 'Two Spins' applied under the Effect Options dropdown.
  • Set the duration as required.
  • Repeat this with a smaller gear image and position next to the larger, perhaps overlaying them slightly.

Hope this is useful to get you started at least, I hope its not too simple...

Belen Ferrer

Hi Rob,

You can totally achieve this with entrance animations in SL2.

First, insert your gear images, eg: Gear1 and Gear2. Then apply a Spin entrance animation to each one and make the duration long, say, 8.0 seconds. Select Full Spin for both of them, but make one go Clockwise and the other Counter-clockwise. Then set the timeline of each gear to be exactly as long as the entrance animation (here, 8.0 seconds).

If you need the gears to keep turning for longer, you can duplicate your images and put the duplicates directly on top of the originals. Since they are doing full spins, then transition should be pretty seamless.

I'm attaching a sample. It looked good when I previewed it, though I haven't played with it too much. And it would look way better if the gears matched up properly in their spacing...but the MOVEMENT works.

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