How to sync video audio with the seekbar controls?

Hello Everyone,

The problem is that I have few videos running on my articulate slides. If the learner clicks on the seekbar to pause/rewind or move forward in the video, it does not work as my video controls are different from that of the seekbar. How can i sync my video controls and seekbar to have the same effect?  Please suggest. 

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Walt Hamilton

The most accurate method is to start a new slide when the video starts and ends. That way you can avoid the video seekbar altogether.  The slide seekbar, which controls all the objects on the slide, will be in synch with the video.

Simple, easy, and guaranteed, unless the learner clicks on the video, which will freeze the video without stopping the timeline.  Like Alyssa suggested, you can put a transparent (not invisible) shape over the video to prevent clicking. It must have a fill and be set to transparent to function.

But I think you are asking how to keep everything together if the learner scrubs the seekbar, and not using the video seekbar is the only practical method of doing that.