How to test out of a course with a Pre-test score of 100%

Dec 18, 2023


The policy in my workplace for the technical courses I develop, is to have a structure of:

1)Pre-test (if learner gets 100% on this, they can "test out") and then it should be optional to view the primary training/course content.  If the learner completes the pre-test but does not receive 100%, they will be required to take the course and post-test. 

2) Main Course requires viewing the majority of the slides to complete successfully and then taking a post-test.

3) Post-test requires a 80% passing score, or additional attempts will be needed until the post-test is passed to receive a successful course completion. 

My assumption was that I should create 3 separate files for these steps in the course (pre-test, course, post-test). On a related note, the pre-test and post-test have the same questions.  

Is it possible to set this up in Storyline in a way, so that my company's LMS is able to "know" these different paths?  For example, with these 3 separate files, if I have the Storyline parameters set up properly can the LMS recognize that the pre-test result of 100% means the Learner has completed the steps necessary for completing the course?

Thanks for any help you can give.  I feel like I should be able to figure this out, but I am struggling to get this to work out properly.  

Thank you!

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Joe Hauglie

You don't need to have separate files, but you do need to have some alternate paths available to the learner. Each path points to a different learning opportunity. You also need a solid question bank to make this easy on yourself.

We have implemented this option for some of our annual WBT modules that have minimal change year-over-year, and the response was extremely positive. (Collective sighs of relief)

Here is the basic path:

What we did was to give the learner the option up front to attempt the test/quiz, and require (as you want to do) a 100% score to pass. The slide for that is attached. You will see that the choice to attempt the quiz gives them an "Are you sure you want to do that?" layer so that they know they have to get 100% to pass it.

If they pass, they go directly to the course completion slide (you pass, please complete the survey, have a safe day). If they don't pass, they can review the answers but they are directed to the slide that actually starts the course - which is the same slide that the alternate choice (no, I don't want to attempt the quiz) points them to in the first place.

The scoring options are shown in the image below. 

So they will get the score of either the "final assessment" (the standard question bank draw) or the "pre-check results" (the opt-out-of-the-full-course option).

Good luck!

Meg S

This is great Joe, thank you.  I am going to try this .  I may have some other questions but one initial question I have is, is there a way for them to revisit the course material at a later date after they have already passed the assessment (pre-test or final) without being required to take either test?


Jose Tansengco

Hi Meg, 

Happy to help!

You'll want to ensure that your course's Resume Behavior is set to "Always resume"With this option enabled, your learners will be taken to the last point they left off when they closed the course. If they've progressed to a part in the course that is after the assessments, then that's where your learners will find themselves when they resume your course at a later date.