How to track completed training

Sep 16, 2019

Hi, I'm a new to Articulate (I've got Storyline 3) and have a question about tracking completed training.  Do I have to have an LMS to do this?  I already subscribe to a sort of LMS,  it's called Keller Online, and I don't think that it is compatible with Storyline.  I'm just starting to learn how to use this program, and I was told that I could build in tests and training rosters into the course, and have the student print them out and submit for credit.  Is that a possibility?  I'm still learning the vocabulary and hope that I am asking the right questions.

Thank you!

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Christian Herman

I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at it, but it looks to me like Keller Online is principally a provider of training, and has necessarily built an LMS to deliver and track the training they provide. Such services rarely allow you to add your own training materials.

An LMS would track the training roster and test results, but the course you build in Storyline will not. The Storyline course can present material and administer a test, then sends the results of the test to the LMS. Meanwhile, your LMS knows who is logged in and accessing the course, so when the course sends the pass/fail message to the LMS, the LMS knows which trainee the result is for.

So in summary, the Storyline course is the content of the course and exam; the LMS tracks and stores the results of course.

Hope that helps!

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