How to track result slides in one final result slide

Jul 31, 2020

Hi All,

Hope you all are good, could please help in result slide.


I have a course where the user will choose either "Yes" or "No", on the basis of this choice he will get the quiz.

1. If he chooses yes, he will get "yes" type of questions.

2. If he chooses no, he will get "no" type of questions.

3. Yes and no both options have a different result slides.

Now, we want to track this result in LMS. 

I initially thought about the third result slide and fetch the score from both the result slides. Unfortunately, it won't work.

Could you please help me with this. TIA.

Note: Please find the attached document for better understanding.



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Dave Cox

Hi Praveen

What you are attempting to do is select a results to score at run-time. This ability has been requested many times. Many people ask for this very thing for language support. 

Unfortunately, you can't do this in Storyline. In Storyline, you must decide which quiz is going to return a score to the LMS when you design the course. You can't choose it by making a selection after the course starts. Storyline can only report one results slide to the LMS, and you must decide which one when you design the course.

Ok, what can you do?

What you can do, is create Storyline presentation that can select two other presentations in your LMS, by linking to them in the first presentation. Then the other two presentation will have either the yes, or no quiz that you want participants to take.

If you must have your quizzes all in one presentation, you can have both the yes and no question sets in layers on a base question, and report the base question to the LMS. You won't be able to see what answers students selected, from the LMS report, but you would be able to see what selection that the made. For example, selection A, B, or C.


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