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Dennis Hall

Hi XAn:

Using a product like Camtasia, you can turn the slide into a video and apply the audio to that video (in Camatasia). This will allow you to play pause the synchronized audio and video.

As well, if you really need a seekbar available at this point, Camtasia project can be published with a seekbar in the Camtasia player.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Rich Calcutt

Xan, Why don't you just add a button that pauses the timeline of the slide, instead of worrying about a seekbar? 

The seekbar is a big UI element, and courses can end up being confusing for learners when parts of the UI seem to randomly appear and disappear throughout. Instead, you couldn't you either have the seekbar parmenantly in place, OR a 'pause' button?

A pause button would simply be a trigger that opens a new layer that has the 'pause timeline of base layer' option checked.