How to upgrade to SL3

My company has 19 people who are going to upgrade to SL3.

I have one person so far who has completed the upgrade form, but hasn't received his SL3 serial #. 

He's sent several emails, one a day for several days, stating he hasn't received the SL3 serial number.

He's checked his spam folders. 

He's used every "contact us" number.

I'm worried, since he's one of the first, that this is going to be a huge issue, upgrading 19 people.

Has anyone else had this issue? any suggestions?

I know I received my SL3 number right away, and am not sure what else to do if he filled out the form but hasn't received the number.

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Katie Riggio

So sorry to hear this, Rebecca!

I created a case (#01194801) with our Customer Care team on your behalf, and asked them to contact you for some more information. They should be in touch to help get everything sorted out shortly! They can also be reached at +1 (800) 861-4880 x 2.

Thanks for reaching out here so that we can help get you what you need!