How to upload on Sharepoint

What steps should i follow to publish my articulate storyline course to help my IT Administrator upload the course on Sharepoint? I tried publishing on web and sharing the link with the IT guy but it does not work on their system. Should i publish the course like i would for an LMS course and the share the package with them? Will they be able to upload it on Sharepoint accurately? Have never published or used Sharepoint before, how can i resolve this. Please advise.

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Marcel Reinert

Hi, you have do publish it as for "Internet". You have to upload the folder on webspace. To start the course copy the link to the "index.html". I don't know if it will work with sharepoint. I tried it with Dropbox and it won't work. So i think a file hoster is the wrong place. But if you use a ftp server it will work.

Katie Riggio

Hello there, Kavita!

Uploading to Sharepoint is outside our wheelhouse, so I'll continue to leave this in the community's hands where you're already getting great help from Vertikom.

In the meantime, I'm seeing a lot of Sharepoint users in this discussion, which may be another good place to find help!