How to use a Storyline 2 project in Storyline 360 (trial version)

Aug 19, 2020

Hi, how can I use a Storyline 2 project in Storyline 360? I have an Articulate 360 trial version and try to upload and use my existing Storyline 2 project in Storyline 360, but I cannot find the .story file. I only have a .zip file.

Please help me. 


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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Sigrid!  To upgrade the Storyline 2 course into Storyline 360, you do need to have the .story file.  When you unzip the .zip file, is the .story file in there anywhere?  If all you have is a published output in your zip file, unfortunately there is no way to automatically load that into Storyline 360 and you will need to rebuild it.  

Here are a few tips:

  • You can pull images/media from the published file
  • Most people just record the old course and add interactions where they need to be rather than build the entire course over again

Tom Kuhlmann did a nice blog post on how to update an old course when you don't have the source files:

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