How to use Storyline on a Mac

May 23, 2018

I just tried downloading Storyline 360, but it indicated I can't do so on a Mac.

What's the real story here?

Does Storyline work on a Mac?

Please advise.



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Joe Tansengco


May I ask which version of MacOS are you using, and if you have Parallels Desktop 7+ or VMware Fusion 4+ to go along with it? The application itself will not directly install on a Mac, but if you could run a software that can create a virtual Windows environment on your machine, then you can install Articulate 360 on this virtual environment as you would on a normal PC. One of the most commonly used software for this task is VMware, which a lot of companies use. You may wish to check this out if you plan to go down the virtual environment route. 

You may also find this post very informative, as it details how you can run Storyline on a Mac using virtualization software.  

To check what else you need to have installed in order to run Storyline 360 on a Mac using a virtual environment, kindly review this document. You may also need to download Peek which integrates with Articulate products.

Hope this helps!



Joe Tansengco

Hey JC, you are most welcome! Glad I was able to help. 

Regarding Rise, this application is completely web based and not dependent on the OS you are using, so feel free to use your Mac or the Windows machine that you are planning to get when accessing Rise, just keep in mind that Rise needs certain versions of browsers to work. You should encounter no issues when adding content to Rise from a Windows PC.

Here are the browser requirements needed for Rise. 



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