How would I accomplish this?

Jun 09, 2012

I've got a login screen that I want the user to type a user name and password - i don't really care what they type just as long as they type something in the two fields.

I then want the login button to check something has been typed and go to the next slide. If a filed is left blank I'd like to pass them an error. This can be a slide layer.

I've been playing around w/ variable conditions, but can't quite get it working.  Is it possible?

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Shawn Robinson

Good Morning,

I cannot for the life of me get my thing to work.  Here's what I am trying to do:

I have two data entry fields that need to be mandatory.  Both of them need to be completed in order to move on.  I do not have a separate button on the slide.  Just have the Submit button on the player.  Do I need to add a separate button.  

I looked at Bill's example and was able to follow, but apparently I am missing something. 

Any help would be appreciated.




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