HTML 5 Issue - Storyline 2 Test, Submit button submits current and next slide response during re-testing.

Nov 10, 2016

I have a Storyline 2 course with an 8-question test. If the user fails, they are given the chance to review the test before they are taken back to the course map. Once there, they can review course sections or choose to retake the test. There are an unlimited number of retakes allowed; the test results are reset each time upon beginning the test (clicking the TEST button).

There are no issues the first time through; however, when viewed in HTML 5 or on a mobile device, the second time you take the test it only asks you some of the questions, skipping others. When you finish and review the test, there are a number of questions where no answer was selected. These ALWAYS fall after a question that WAS answered ... there are never two skipped questions in a row. The user never gets to see these questions during the second test; it appears that the test question is submitted (with no selection made) with the previous question when its SUBMIT button is clicked. 

Test questions are multiple choice or T/F, with the standard submit button, no feedback. Questions are drawn randomly from a question bank.

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