HTML 5 output is slow on Android devices?

Jan 03, 2013

One of the primary reasons I started using Articulate Storyline was to take advantage of the HTML 5 output so that users could view my classes on Android tablets.  However, on the 2 devices I've tested, the player has been very slow to respond.  It plays the audio and slides in good time, but any input from the user, pausing, timeline jumping, slide jumping, either doesn't respond at all, or takes several seconds to respond.  It has been a little discouraging.

Also the size of the output player is too large for both of the devices that I tested on.  The user would have to scroll around the screen to navigate, or even to see the entire slide.  I couldn't find any settings to modify the output.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Storyline mobile content works best when viewed through the Articulate Mobile Player on the iPad. Support for Android devices is not currently available, so if the content is viewed on these devices, you'll run into issues like the ones you mentioned. You might want to check out this chart on Comparing Storyline's Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output. If you'd like to see a specific device supported, please consider submitting a feature request

Having said that, however, you may be able to get some suggestions from other community members that have successfully published a course to work on Android tablets. You may want to try posting over in the Building Better Courses section of the forums, to see if you can get some additional feedback and suggestions for your course. 

Here are some additional resources that may be helpful:

Our newest product, Articulate Storyline, allows you to publish content to Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. To learn more about Storyline, click here:

To learn more about publishing Storyline content for HTML5 and the iPad app, click here:

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Michael Walls

I have the exact same problem as Dan.  My Storyline projects play extremely slow on our android tablets.  It's basically of no use for us because it's so buggy.  I'm adding my reply because I'm putting together an app for online anatomy classes and I noticed that Story line is even less responsive when I incorporate it into my app, compared to viewing it on a web browser, such as Google chrome.

Kevin e

I have the same problem using Google Chrome on a Galaxy Tab 2 and is considering giving up Storyline for Lectora...

It is really too bad because our company chose Storyline to migrate Flash courses to html5 courses since our learners will use them on android tablets.

Anyone has news about Android compatibilty of Storyline in the near future ?


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