Aug 22, 2017



I am creating a course for a client who does not have an LMS and would like to run the course in IE (since this is what opens when clicking a link in their Intranet) however, he is getting the spinning wheel of death after he accepts the blocked content.  I saw an article ( on a work around, but I was wondering if there is an easier way, we are planning to launch this to 150 people and if we can get around having 150 people having to do global settings, that would be optimal. 




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Russell Killips

Hello Heather,

For a few companies I have set up and Web Server for them that can be accessed through their intranet. They usually dedicate a pc for me to use where I install WampServer which is free. After getting it installed and running, there is a folder on the C drive called wamp. Inside that folder there is a folder labelled www. I usually create a folder inside the www folder and title it the name of the course. Inside that folder I place the Articulate Storyline web course output.

To access the course from another machine, you will need the IP address of the pc used for the WampServer. The address to access the course from a web browser would be something like:

http://IP Address of Server/Folder Name that you created/story.html


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