HTML audio issues, both Android and Ipad

Feb 14, 2016


I'm having issues with audio not playing on my Galaxy Tab2 (Android 4.2).

Our client has an ipad and has been having the same if not worse issues. This is concerning as we told them their course would be iPad compliant.

I've found the whole experience to be quite poor on tablet.

I find audio will play fine and then randomly it will not work on a screen or feedback layer. From that point, it will never play again on any screen. If I relaunch the content and resume where I left off, the audio then plays fine, almost like it's resetting the issue that is causing it.

Other issues I've found are:

  • Random screens wont move next, the course freezes, it does not resolve. This means I need to close the browser and start it again.
  • Sliders are quit buggy, some work, some wont work (move), again, this is random.

My Storyline 2 and Chrome on tablet are up to date.

I've read a lot of people complaining about HTML5 audio on Android, but we are seeing it also on Ipad.

We cannot use the AMP as it's a SCORM course.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Geordie -- SO sorry for your troubles! Could you please share your file so we can run some testing? If privacy is a concern, you are welcome to use this form to share your file and we'll take a look offline to maintain confidentiality. 

In the meantime, in case you haven't come across these posts on similar topics, you may want to check out:

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erick lignon

Hello Troublefighters,

We have struggled wit this problem for a while: audio works find on i-Pads but not on Androïd (4&5&6).

According to our tests, the guilty one is the audio editor of Storyline. If you use another audio editor (Audition) and insert your audio without opening the Storyline audio editor it will work.

Audio Settings: 22050 kbps sampling fr<quency & 48khz constant bit rate

Have a nice week-end,



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