HTML/Flash output and converting courses

Feb 18, 2016

Hi. We are trying to estimate how long it might take to convert our thousands of Flash-based courses to HTML5. The process will likely involve reviewing each screen for functionality that may not work, and then revising, republishing and quality assurance testing.

Does this comparison chart reflect the latest info? I'm testing some of our courses that were published as both Flash and HTML5 during 2013-2015 and I'm finding that sometimes a feature works and sometimes it doesn't work as indicated on the chart.  I'm using only Chrome. 

Any advice on this conversion process is greatly appreciated! Thanks. -Jill

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Jill Freeman

Thanks, Bret. It makes a world of difference to use the appropriate chart!

Thanks to Christie, also. I think the reason some features worked when they shouldn't have (marker swirls, for example) is because some of our courses were published with SL1 and others with SL2. So when they were launched they would handle HTML5 differently (since SL2 corrected some of the HTML5 limitations.) I appreciate your help!

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