HTML5 version of Articulate Storyline 360, Studio 360 doesn't work on Valamis LMS

Jan 17, 2017

Hi all, 

We're using Valamis as our main LMS, but when we tried the latest version of Storyline and Studio 360's HTML5 published output in this LMS it doesn't work at all. 

We'll only get this loading screen on all devices that do not support flash:

We have tried all the options that Articulate provided: HTML5 only, HTML5/Flash and Flash/HTML5. None of these options would work on either mac, pc, phone, tablet where flash was disabled.

We've tried creating a fresh new course from scratch as well as importing our existing one, no luck.

We've never encountered such problem with Storyline 1/2 or Studio 13 HTML5 output, so this is quite frustrated for us. As we are testing out Articulate 360 at the moment and considering to purchase the subscription for upgrading all our courses to be responsive. 

We also did the test with Rise and it works perfectly. I don't know what the different implementation between Rise's HMTL5 and Storyline/Studio 360's HTML5.

Does anyone else have issue with HTML5 like us? 

Help is much appreciated,


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Crystal Horn

Hey Virak.  I did some testing with my Storyline 360 content that I published with HTML5-only output for LMS using the Tin Can (xAPI) option.  I just did a free trial of Valamis, and I uploaded my course as a lesson into the "Example Course" that they'd prebuilt on my dashboard.  I tested on these browsers:

  • Windows:  Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge
  • Mac:  Chrome, Safari, Firefox

I noticed that the lesson ultimately opened in all of these browsers, but with issues in some of them.  Chrome and Firefox seemed to function perfectly.  Safari took a really long time to load (I had the same spinning icon), and when it did, the video didn't play.  The lesson loaded right away in Internet Explorer and Edge, but the video didn't play in those browsers, either.  I also noticed that the Valamis placeholder image for the "Example Course" was not scaling properly in Internet Explorer, Edge.

I uploaded my same output to SCORM Cloud, and it seemed to function fine in all of the above browsers.  My next recommendation would be to 1.)  test your content on SCORM Cloud, and 2.) reach out to Valamis and see if their support team can indicate any difference in their handling of HTML5 support, letting them know that your HTML5 output works fine on other platforms (assuming it behaved properly on SCORM Cloud).

Here are my course links for you to test; note, the Valamis link will expire with my trial in 14 days (Jan 31, 2017).

Virak Yang

Thank you, Crysta for your time to test this issue. Yeah, when I start testing it on Vanilla Valamis like you did, it's working fine. Then it could possibly because of the customization that we made to Valamis. I will report to my LMS development team about this, so they can find out what was wrong and incompatible with Storyline HTML5.

Phew! This is what bearing me from buying the subscription, now that it's ticked off we'll definitely move forward.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cristian,

We've seen some LMSs forcing IE11 into compatibility mode. What happens then, is the HTML5 won't work and it may not default to the Flash output as the compatibility mode isn't recognizing that additional option. 

We've included a fix in Articulate 360, but have heard of a few LMSs still overriding that behavior. You could take a look at the troubleshooting steps here to see if those help - and I'd also reach out to your team at Meridian to see if they had other thoughts! 

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