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Mar 26, 2020


We have a course in which we've heavily used screen captures that were taking using Storyline 360. We've packaged the course as HTML5, as our LMS will not host anything with flash files given flash will be sunsetted this year. 

We found after hosting that the LMS is telling us the course has flash assets, and are now seeing what looks like duplicate .swf files in our "story_content" folder. Is this related to the videos, and can with package without them appearing?



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Johnrey Landoay

Hi Emily,

I have a feeling that this has something to do with the player you selected for your course. Are you using the classic player? If yes, then it's probably the reason why because it has a flash fallback when you publish to LMS. Try publishing your course using the modern player which should only have HTML5 and no flash assets.



emily gill

Thanks Johnrey; we do have the option for the modern player, but the courses are a part of a curriculum series that were packaged with the same look, and there are pages within the courses that have images of the navigation buttons based on the classic player. We could certainly update to the modern player, but that would then be at odds with the navigation page in the course. Since the intent is to just repackage the old courses as HTML5, without touching any other part of the course, the latent .swf files that remain in the package present a problem.

That being said, we stripped the .swf files out, and it seems to work ok - as you noted, they are fallback files. Would you agree then that if we strip them out, the course will still function properly, or, if we don't and they're in the package when flash stops being supported, they won't impact the playing of the course?



Katie Riggio

Greetings, Emily!

I'd love to jump in and also lend a hand. Before we explore further, the output should work and upload without any errors after deleting the .swf files.

To help us determine our next best steps, could I first grab the version of Storyline 360 you're using? We fixed a handful of bugs where .swf files were created when publishing for HTML5-only, so I'm curious to know if it could be related to the update. I'll be right here!

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