HTML5 Anomalies

Hi All,

Please read the entirety of the message before replying.

I have recently published some content to HTML5 and have found a range of anomalies when viewing it using a tablet pc.

Issues include....

Not being able to use the player controls

Zoom regions behaving erratically

Drag and drop interactions not working

Video's loading incorrectly.

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for how to correct these issues and/or if anyone has their own 'best practice' advice for publishing to HTML5. That is, hints and tips that they have used that work.

However, please do not post a link to the area of the site detailing what is and is not supported by HTML5- I have already reviewed this and it has not provided me with a solution. Also please do not suggest I submit a support case as this has been done, however the advice received did not resolve the issue.

That said, any help would be appreciated as the inability to publish working content to HTML5 is quickly becoming an urgent problem with project delivery dates fast approaching.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Harri what browser are you checking on?

You say tablet PC, is it an iPad realistically HTML on mobile is only for iOS devices at the moment. or are you using a windows machine?

Those times I have built for HTML5 I have set this as the base level and tested extensively during production where things dont work I have modified the design to accommodate this.

TBH HTML5 is something that I never promise to clients at the moment

Harri C

Sorry, I thought you meant when it's uploaded.

Hmm, you see that's how we initially discovered these issues, one of my colleagues was testing it and accidentally (although fortunately for us) opened the HTML5 and not the HTML version. 

I see now that we should have followed your advice and used HTML5 as the base and tested it frequently, however we assumed that if we adhered to the guidelines on the site then storyline would just work.

Have you got any suggestions at all on how to fix the issues I'm experiencing?