HTML5 Blank Page

Jan 31, 2016


Can someone confirm that you also get a blank/white page:

1. Go to:

2. Click the grey Gamification of Thrones v2 title.

All I can see is a white page with no JS errors or anything. 


1. Go to:

2. Click the "Winter is coming. Let's hurry" button.

3. Click skip.

4. You should get a notification that you need to bust the local myth. Click the Close button.

For me, in HTML5 the Action Board at the bottom does not show (SL is not showing the side layer). You can click on the hamburger marker at the bottom-left to bring up the Action Board manually, though... If you try the Bust Myth on the Action Board, you get the white blank screen.

If you do the same above in the Flash version, everything works fine. Any thoughts?


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Zsolt Olah

Thanks, Alex! After hours of troubleshooting learned two things: somehow in HTML5 the True/False variables are not working sometimes. Once I changed the variable to number and used 0 and 1, the conditions worked. Interesting.

The other one was that you can't use the trigger "Reset Results Slide" in HTML5. It's working in Flash but it kills the slide in HTML5. I'm rewriting the randomizer because if I remove the trigger, the randomized question bank returns the same questions unless you restart the course... Uploading a new version soon.

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