HTML5 bug with quiz questions

Jun 03, 2014

I'm almost 100% certain this is a bug... so this may not be the best place to report it, but I trust the mods will forward it along as needed if this hasn't been reported before. If so, I apologize as it's a fairly unique situation that I'm assuming hasn't taken place before.

I'll try to explain the issue as best as I can, and I apologize in advance if this comes across as confusing, since it's a problem with multiple layers of complexity.  (no pun intended)  :P

Basically, when testing a lesson in HTML5 output, a trigger set to "hide this layer when variable hidefeedback changes" is causing the lesson to jump to the next slide containing a quiz question, and then subsequently show that question slide's review layer... all without the user having ever been to that question slide.

The variable change is (by design) being triggered from a feedback master slide/layout, where I'm using a custom button. I use multiple feedback master layouts all throughout the lesson to show "Error", "Info", "Try Again", "Incorrect", and "Correct" popup layers... and each has it's own custom coloring and button with a unique look and feel. I actually got the idea for a custom button from this tutorial.

Since Storyline doesn't allow us to track the click of a custom button located on a feedback layout (at least from the slide/layer that's using the feedback layout), I'm instead having the custom button increment the value of a number variable by 1. I'm then using a trigger on each layer that's using that feedback layout, and it's set to listen for that variable change in order to hide that layer and do other stuff based on the user's click of the button. Sometimes I just want it to hide the layer, and other times I may want it to (1) hide the layer, (2) Submit question results, (3) Review question results - all at once when that variable changes. 

This is all good and well, and everything works as expected in Flash and on the iPad mobile player, but it messes up in HTML5... Instead of simply hiding the layer or doing a set of actions as mentioned above, when the user clicks any button on a popup layer that changes the value of the variable I'm using to track these clicks, something causes Storyline to advance to the next quiz question slide and show its Review layer. If the user was on a quiz question slide already, it also causes that slide to go to its review state, which the user will see when they navigate back to it.

Hopefully the cause of this isn't my unique use of results slides. As described here, I've created a result slide for almost every quiz question in the lesson. I purposefully did this because I want the user to get immediate correct/incorrect feedback on each question when they click SUBMIT and have exhausted their attempts per question. I found that the only way to do this and still use the question's built in Submit/Review functionality is to create a new results slide for each question and then stick it somewhere in another scene that is never viewed. I then configure that results slide to only calculate results for its respective question, and on the question slide I use my Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again feedback layers (each of which uses the feedback layouts described above) to Submit and Review the question's results as needed. Again, this is accomplished through the use of the variable change that happens when they click a button to close the feedback layer. 

I realize that's a lot of information that probably makes no sense without actually seeing the issue... SO, I've published the project at the below links (which are good for 10 days). You should notice everything works fine when viewed in Flash output or the iPad mobile player... but things don't work so well in HTML5 output.

Flash and iPad Mobile Player link  (where things work)

HTML5 link (where things don't work)

Again, the above links are only good for 10 days... after that you'll have to republish it and test it locally using the attached .story file. Of course, the story file is what really matters anyway since it should reveal if the issue is something I'm doing, or something going awry with Storyline in HTML5.

Any help and participation in figuring this out is much appreciated!

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Chad Cardwell

Just to update the thread, I heard back on my support case and they were able to duplicate the issue and are forwarding it to the Quality Assurance team for review.

Currently they have no workaround, and instead recommend I consider a different approach entirely.  I think I'm going to leave things as-is for now since I've invested a lot of work and time into my current approach. It sill works as expected on flash and the iPad mobile player, so I guess I'll just scratch off HTML5 (android tablets) from our compatibility list until a fix comes along.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, beat me to the update Chad.

I do see where the issue was reported, and just to clarify what was reported for others who may come across this thread - the question slides were being prematurely submitted in the HTML5 version.  Once we have additional information to share Jayem will update you via email, and I'll be able to update the thread as well. 

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