HTML5 Development Best Practices

Dec 12, 2012

Hi all,

I've been doing some HTML5 development and I've noticed that the functionality is a bit quirky. Here is a list of things that I am noticing:

- Zoom Regions appear to happen at slightly different times than they do when viewed in flash.

- Image quality is reduced when using Zoom Regions. Everything looks crisp in flash.

- Shapes/text/images appear to be disappearing then reappearing on the screen, giving an unwanted flicker effect.

- Fly in animations are jagged. You will see an object beginning to fly in, then it will quickly skip to it's intended destination. This happens with fades as well. 

- Buttons are disappearing when users try to click them.

- When buttons do work, there seems to be a delay between the moment a user clicks and the moment the states and triggers respond.

- Delay 1-2 seconds between slides. 

I transferred to Storyline with the expectation of developing mobile eLearning. It's frustrating when the functionality is there and doesn't work properly. I could really bring down the functionality to make it look less buggy, but that defeats the purpose of eLearning development IMO. 

Does anyone have any best practices I could follow that speaks to what I am experiencing? I feel like I have done a decent job following this guide: 

Thanks in advance,


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Peter Anderson

Hi Ian, 

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. If you have a test file you can share that demonstrates the above issues, we'd be happy to to give it a good examination. You can send it to us on the second page of this link. 

As you know from reviewing the comparison matrix, there are some inherent limitations with HTML5 that will hopefully work themselves out over time, but if there's anything that can be done on our side, we're happy to have a look. 

Thanks again for posting!

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