html5 display in mobile - size and start questions

Attempting to use html5 (without the mobile app) to display storyline interactions on a website, and require those interactions also display on mobile.  Using 4:3 ratio 800X600, but when I set the iframe code to that exact size get nav bars on the website, when adjust to fit the player 820X620, on mobile interaction size auto adjusts to optimal size and breaks the boundary of the background design.  Is there a way to suppress the auto optimize-size feature and have it display in the size it is published? 

Also, a launch/ splash screen with a play button displays on the mobile device with a thumbnail of the first page of the interaction. I'd like to suppress/turn off, or to edit that screen.  Is that possible?

If someone can point me to documentation or threads on this it will be a big help!


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Michael Hinze

The player frame adds some pixels to the overall size of your published project that you need to account for when using fixed iFrame dimensions. Here is some info on how the player affects project dimensions:

You can change the thumbnail image that is shown on the HTML5 launcher page, by selecting a slide other than the default slide 1. See some info about this here under Step 2:

This thread here describes a 'hack' to skip the launcher page altogether: