HTML5 / Flash Fallback and IE 11

We hear from customers that IE 11 plays HTML5 well only if the computer is powerful enough. Often, it breaks, flashes, freezes.

So back to the HTML5 with Flash fallback option.  How would SL 360 treat a workstation running IE 11? Would it choose to run HTML5 or fall back to Flash assuming Flash is present?

Better question is what is the criteria by which SL 360 decides to fall-back to Flash?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

If you've published HTML5 first, Flash would only ever play if the learner used an unsupported HTML5 browser and they had flash installed. 

If your learners are using IE11, they'll always see the HTML5 output, as that's supported for HTML5 output. If they're using IE11 in compatibility view, that would fall back to Flash as it's treated an older version of IE (likely version 7 or 8) where HTML5 wasn't supported. 

Hope that helps!