HTML5 in Chrome bug

Sep 21, 2017


There are 2 bugs in Storyline 2, update12 HTML5 output visible under the current version of Chrome.

Using simple shapes with a hover and visited state. Click on a shape opens a layer.

The next button is hidden and is triggered to change state when all the shapes states are visited.

1) After closing the layers, the icons show the hover colour, not the visited one. When you hover over them again they change to the visited colour.

2) The next button is not visible once it has been unhidden until you hover over it.

This is causing a lot of problems as learners dont know which items they have visited and get "stuck" on the screen and cant progress.  Flash version works fine.

Link to video showing problem

Attached is single page story. Its in Welsh, so just look for the black button to click on!



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