State change not working

Dec 13, 2017

Forgive me if this has been already answered.

I have a front page with buttons that lead to other slides when clicked. all but the first button are disabled (shown by a colour change) by a state setting. I have added a trigger to make button 2 visible when button 1 is visited.

When returning to the front page after visiting button 1's page, button two still displays in the disabled state but is, in fact, available to click on. Only when the mouse rolls over it does it change to the Normal colour setting.

Any ideas would be good 

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Erin Flage

Attaching a file is helpful when trying to troubleshoot a problem with a specific file. 

It sounds like you are triggering just when the button is clicked, rather than use a variable.  The problem lies in that when you revisit the initial slide that isn't remembered.

You have a couple of options:

  1.  On the Slide Properties, set the "When revisiting" to "Resume saved state" which should work.
  2. Use a variable to track completion, create a Boolean variable "Activity1Complete" that is initially set to False and then when the first button is clicked change it to True.  Then set your trigger on Button 2 to change states based on your variable upon Timeline start.

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