HTML5 output not working on Chrome

Feb 13, 2018

I am using storyline 3 and after publishing the course they worked in Chrome and IE10 and FF. However after few days they are not loading on Chrome but works in IE10 and FF.

The issue is they were working fine just few days ago but all of a sudden only the loading wheel in loading, not the content.

Any idea how this has happened?

(I checked with flash version and it worked. Only HTML5 version is affected with this issue.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

It looks like you did respond via email - and you can always click on the "View" button in the email notification to visit the discussion again and respond here. Either way posts the content publicly here in the E-Learning Heroes discussion. 

The link you shared brought me to your main website, and not directly to the course. Can you check that link or let me know where to find the course? I saw a few listed, but they were gated behind a paypal link. 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Desk 1. Happy to help!

It sounds like you're experiencing issues with your Storyline file's LMS package in Chrome. Is that correct?

With your permission, I'd like to test the .story file in a similar environment to investigate the behavior and will delete it after troubleshooting. If you prefer to privately share the file with our Support Team, please use this upload link.

Also, what version of Storyline are you using?

Karen Tyrell

Hi Everyone,

Just to give you an update, finally after about a week of troubleshooting,
we discovered today that when we publish my Articulate 360 files using
Flash only instead of HTML5, the player now shows up and plays properly in
Chrome. It was showing up on Firefox and Explorer but there was no audio
for any of the slides all of a sudden.

So now I'm in the process of re-publishing all my files to Flash only.
It's a fix I'm willing to do in order to keep my students happy...for now.

Seems the war on Flash is continuing as Adobe is planning to no longer
updating Flash starting in 2020. I'm not sure what I'll do then or what
Articulate will do when that happens?

I welcome any other ideas/suggestions on how to get around this new issue
that suddenly happened when the browsers updated recently. Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sending your file to the team, Simon! I see they're testing it as I type this, so you should hear back from someone shortly. I'll also follow along! 😊

Hi, Karen. Appreciate you circling back to share your findings with the community! I can appreciate that publishing to Flash isn't ideal, so I shared your latest update with Renz to see what other custom approaches we can recommend for the file – expect an email from him soon! Also, smart move to be thinking ahead! Check out this discussion about what we're doing to prepare for the end of Flash Player support.

We're all in this together!

Adam Zamczyk

Hi guys, 

I recently started to experience the same issue - course published for web is not visible (white screen) at all in Chrome.


I'm just wondering if the audio on the first slide can cause this - or more precise can it be that Chrome is blocking audio on the first slide and also other content? Do you have music or audio in your courses?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

This sounds more like an issue with the audio in the course. The first area I would check is where the imported audio is located on your computer. Most times I've seen a similar issue is when the audio or course is not saved on your local drive.

We'd be happy to take a look at your file to see what's causing the error. You can share your file with us by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

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