html5, textentry field and "." as an answer

Nov 09, 2015


I would like to have "3." as a textentry correct answer. The SWF works, but HTML5 accepts "3" as correct answer as well. Numeric entry is not a solution as dot is a part of solution.

any ideas?


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sebastjan f

made 3 textentry fields and next to them 3 %variables%. as you will see - if I type in 3 > 3, 3. > 3, 3.. > 3..  (oh and 3 .  > 3 ., a. > a., 3a. > 3a.) So why is SL not working as expected if dot is typed in next to a number (3. > 3)?

please check this demo and let me know if you think its working as it should be (HTML5!)


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