HTML5 using Google Chrome on a Mac

Chrome seem somewhat reluctant to allow Flash. Not a problem when you can have HTML5 as a backup.

I've just converted one of my courses and it seems to work fine on everything except Chrome when using a Mac. On Windows 10 and Chrome (via Parallels) it's fine but with the Mac things are flashing all over the place, it's virtually unusable.

is it something I'm doing wrong or has anyone else experienced this?


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Ali Goulet

Hey Tony,

That definitely sounds odd. I haven't come across this particular issue yet, but I'm happy to help investigate with you! As luck would have it- I'm also a Mac/Parallels user 😀

I have a couple questions for you to start with:

  1. Where are you hosting the course when you're viewing it in Chrome?
  2. Would you mind sharing a copy of your .story project file here so I can do some testing? You can add at as an attachment right to a comment in the thread.


Tony Youens

Hi Ali,

Thanks for getting back. Actually I managed to work out the problem. Chrome had been trying to update and once I closed it down and reopened it everything was fine.

i raised an issue a while back about web objects not working in HTML5 and that must have been resolved because it works brilliantly now.

Thanks for the great service.