HTML5 Video playback not working on iOS

Oct 17, 2014


We're using Storyline 2, outputting to HTML5, and testing that on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPad Air (both running that latest versions of their OSes). Videos included with the output play on the Android unit, but not iOS. The same setup (including same video files) but built with Storyline 1 plays just fine.

Any idea what's causing the issue? It's really mystifying since everything ELSE about Storyline 2's html5 output seems improved.

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Martin Dean

Similar problems here too... but mine are a bit more weird!

SL2 update 7 and iOS 9.3.2 on iPad Air 2 using the Articulate Mobile Player.

Package has 12 videos.

Some play on iPad with no problems, others stall on a black screen (no black screen in the video s themselves) and if I hit the Pause/Play button, the audio plays fine.

All the videos are auto play which seems to work in the AMP and all videos advance to next slide when 'media completes'.  All the videos were compressed in SL2 and work ok in desktop browsers; both in Flash and HTML5.

Lastly, I downloaded the package to the iPad and ran locally - all videos appear to work.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julie! Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look. I am able to see the behavior that you are reporting on slide 1.15 on my iPad as well. 

I'd like for our support team to take a deeper look to assist you. I've opened a case on your behalf and you should be hearing from someone soon. I will follow along as well.

Hi Martin - I'd agree with Christie here. It may be best to take a look so that we can see if we can replicate the behavior.

Julie Clark-Albrecht

Yes, he has been assisting in helping to solve the issue. Thanks for checking!

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