Huge closed caption text on smart phones

I just realized how big the closed captions are displayed on an smartphone.
I've tried my iPhone 7 and a coworkers Android phone, both with the same issue.

My player font size is set to 200% to match the font size in my course. Even with 100% it is way to big on a phone.

Please have a look at my attached images to compare between desktop and smart phone.

What can be done about this? I'm using Storyline 3 Update 6.

edit: Please also note how the text is offset to the left an a phone :(

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Matthew Bibby

Here is a workaround that'll allow you to change the caption size independently of the player size. The thing is, this will change both the desktop and mobile, which isn't really what you want!

So see here for some more code. This will help you figure out if the user is using a mobile device and adjust the size accordingly. Yell out if you run into any issues. 

Darren McNeill

Obviously never looked at since as this is still happening. It is never recommended anyway to use smart phones to attempt E-learning modules as the screens are too small unless the modules are just white backgrounds with a few words on each slide. There are limitations. I cannot imagine too many ever wanting to attempt it on a smart phone, the learning experience would not be good. Unless you just want the users to tick a box and fly through a module without actually learning anything. Smart Phones are best utilised to manage the users LMS account, request training and view transcripts etc. I know the world wants everything on their Smart Phones but again, practicality must prevail. I put a message at the beginning that PC and Laptop is highly recommended. Even rise, which is better for it is still limited due to the screen sizes and the information required to be provided.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Darren,

I appreciate you bringing this conversation back to our attention. 

We have a similar issue reported to our team specific to captions displayed in the middle of the slide when using landscape view with player controls disabled in the Modern Player. Does this match what you are experiencing as well?