Huge course, multiple modules, need one slide showing which are complete


273-slide course, broken into 10 modules. Storyline 3.

One slide has links (checkboxes) for each module (showing all 10).

I've created states and triggers for the checkboxes to appear checked once clicked.

However, when the user revisits the modules listing, the only checkmark showing after they complete a module, is the one they JUST completed (not the previous ones), even if they completed more than one during the same visit to the course.

Does anyone have ideas on how to make the checkboxes all appear for the ones they have already visited? Or a better slide design idea?

I've included a screenshot of my slide, to give you an idea of what I'm going for.

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Martin Garnett

Hi Cheryl,

The checked states you've made for these checkboxes... are they the built in "Visited" states you're using? or custom states?

Also, are all your modules within the same storyline file? Or are you linking them to a different exported module?

Just trying to get a better understanding of what you're trying to achieve here before I recommend a workaround for you :)

Walt Hamilton

Just a wild guess, but this is what I would expect to happen if you are relying on the "Visited" state, and it is getting lost on different scenes.

Try this and see if it works.

1. Set the checkbox slide to reset to initial state on revisit

2.  Create custom states for the checkboxes named (for example) "Completed"

3. Create a variable for each module (many people prefer to use T/F variables for this)

4. Set each variable when its scene is completed BEFORE you jump back to the checkbox slide

5. Create triggers to change the state of each box to "Completed" when timeline starts if its variable indicated that module is completed

If not, strip your story down to a couple of representative scenes with maybe only the last slide in each scene and the checkbox slide, and attach it here. It is easier to trouble shoot if we can take a look at it.