Hyperlink to a section with course in a new window

I have a Storyline course with a Quiz at the end. The quiz allows the learner two attempts, at the question level. So I would like to have my Try Again layer include a message which includes a hyperlink back to that specific section within the course. However, I would like this to open in a new window. I know how to add a Trigger to send the user back to that slide, but my concern is after they find the answer to the question, how to get them back to the question within the Quiz in order to complete it; which is why I thought if it opened in another window, it would not interfere with the Quiz at all.

Any thoughts?

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Judy Nollet

You could open the section in a Lightbox. Then the user would still be on the question slide when they close the Lightbox.

This works best if the user only needs to review one slide, because then you can set the Lightbox to open without navigation buttons (i.e., the PREV and NEXT buttons won't appear). 

If the user needs to review multiple slides, you could open a Lightbox with the nav buttons. However, that might cause confusion and/or conflicts if they keep clicking NEXT until they get to the quiz within the Lightbox. So, if you go this route, I suggest adding a trigger to the "last" slide in a given section. Make that trigger hide the NEXT button when the slide is viewed in a Lightbox. Like this: