How to go back to the question where i stopped in storyline

May 25, 2016


In my Storyline course, i have a long quiz section and my client want to be able to access to the general menu of the course from each question. My issue is that when I quit a question slide to go back to the menu and then when i go back after to the quiz section, i have to start again the whole quiz and i would like to go back directly on the question where i stopped before. Do you know how can I do that and if it's possible ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Steve Galway

You could create a text variable called slideID and update it on each quiz slide to capture the current question e.g. slideID = question 3. Then have some branching on the entry to the quiz that has a jump to slide trigger - if slideID equals 3 then jump to slide question 3. Include a trigger for each quiz slide. 

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