Hyperlinked text isn't working in published version

Jun 21, 2013

I have a textbox with some hyperlinked text (it's to pull up another website). I saw that there may be some bug with hyperlinking text in a text box when it's not all the text, so I followed the suggestion to create a hotspot over the hyperlinked text that will jump the user to the specified url. I made the hotspot transparent so you can't tell it's there. 

When I first publish the project, and I have the option to "view the project", it works! But when I go into the output folder, and launch the html file(s), it is not functioning. 

Can anyone explain what I should do? 

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Krista McCraken

Hey Mike,

I'm just opening the html file, i think IE is my default browser in that case. But when I get the "Congrats! You've successfully published!" window, and I viewed the project, everything worked! So it's weird.

How might I share the file with you? I guess I should share the entire output folder? Or......

Krista McCraken

Oooh! Got it! Here's the link.


And I will say....it appears to be working now, since I republished to get the "zip" option. It seems that any time I have a glitch, I need to create a new project, export the old project in, and republish. It seems to fix the problems, but it's a little weird that I need to do this every time.

Krista McCraken

Hi Mike! Back after a long weekend, and I'm hoping your're still available to help me out--I have some clarifying information for the issue I posed above last week (re: hyperlinks that aren't consistently working)

The hyperlinks in the published output files that are ON my hard drive. But I have to copy this folder to our server for it to up on our website. And this point, when you launch the player from the server, the hyperlinks are NOT working! 

What gives? I'm in a bit of a quandary here, as those files have to be accessed off my hard drive. (And now reading your most recent comment, I seem to be having the OPPOSITE problem, where the hyperlinks work fine from my local drive).

Advice/Suggestions/Fixes needed ASAP! I have to get this live this week! 

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