hyperlinking to another published course locally

Nov 26, 2018

OK guru's, I am about to embark on a project that involves software emulation and could potentially create (due to the number of videos involved) a VERY large project. Due to the issue of potential crashes that may (or may not) happen as a result of large projects, I wanted to split the projects into smaller projects and hyperlink to them. However, here's the sting, the projects would be housed on the hard drive of a local PC which is air-gapped....no internet or even intranet. It does not appear possible within Storyline to achieve hyperlinking to another published course if the projects are stored as specified. This is an absolute require due to the sensitive nature of the material contained within the different sections of the training material. Anyone have any suggestions on how this may be achieved without resorting to creating one massive and potentially crash prone project. This is something that can easily be achieved in (dare I say it) Captivate, but not apparently in Storyline. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. [PS, The Customer Support Eng suggested I post on the forum, so if they can't sort it, I really don't hold out much hope in getting the issue resolved.....but you never know :) ]

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