Maximum file size for Storyline 360 Projects

Feb 17, 2020

Hi, this question is regarding the maximum recommended project file size for Storyline 360 projects. I'm working on a project of seven SL courses which range in size from 19mb to 122mb. The client has now asked for branching variants within the same course which could increase the current size by three times. So 122mb would become 366mb. I have already noticed that in the large projects of 100mb+ a few issues displaying the thumbnail slides on the left. 

The courses we build are very clean so for example we do not import large over size images. All video are held externally on Vimeo etc. 

Is there any recommended max. file size guidelines for 360? (I'm talking about project files not published SCORM files). 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Trevor!

In regards to overall file size, there is a lot of talk about a "limit" but it seems to depend on the users individual settings, computer set up, memory, etc. It's generally a good idea with larger files to break it into smaller chunks just in case. Additionally, I wanted to point you to this post on some great practices for larger courses.

Charlotte King

Hi there, is there a recommended file size for images in Storyline 360 please? When I first started using Rise I didn't realise that the images are automatically resized so I had some blurry pictures until I discovered that a larger image file size would be better, but with Storyline I don't want to include 1MB images if they're going to make the Storyline too large to run on users' desktops successfully. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!