I am splitting two 500 Mb .story files and getting 2 500Mb files?

Aug 15, 2012

Hi Articulate Community,

I have created a .story file and quickly realized that the 500Mb .story file was becoming too big to work with.  So I split the file into two scenes by duplicating the file and deleting the slides.  I deleted unused video in the Screen Recordings and I hoped that the files would be two 250Mb .story files.  Instead I have two 500Mb .story files.  Is there a way to delete or cleanup the unused media that seems stuck in the file?

Thank you,


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Annie Jean

Hi Doug,

I had a problem similar to yours and my files even got bigger when I was deleting content.

It all was due to the fact that I was working on a network drive.

I have copied the files on the hard drive, opened in Storyline and just saved and the size went back to a reasonable one.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Andrew Knowles

Agree with Brian, I've gone from 250mb+ file down to 35mb+ file!

I also resized any assets in storyline that were scaled in storyline in photoshop and then replaced them (so they were the size i wanted on screen). Any images that were just copied and pasted into storyline i saved out from storyline as a png and re-imported. I also used local drives as well.

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