I can't play the videos when i published the Storyline in HTML5

Aug 02, 2016

Hello everyone - here is my concern.

When i was trying to publish my storyline to html 5, some of the videos won't play. i already set the options into "automatically" but its not working. So I inserted a trigger that the media "the video.mp4" plays when the timeline starts. And it works, when i published into html5 i tried to view them using firefox and chome everything works and perfectly fine but when i tried to view the html5 output using IE 9 the videos are not working again, so i updated the IE to 10 and not working, i tried to update again to IE 11 still not working, i already checked my flash player and i have the updated one. But when i tried to use another pc EVERYTHING IS FINE. Internet Explore, Chrome and firefox are working so i tested another laptop and pc others are not working and others are fine.

sorry for my bad english. can you help me about this issue? thanks in advance.

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