Vimeo and IE

Aug 06, 2014


I'm experiencing an odd issue with Vimeo working when I launch my published storyline course using Firefox but not working if I launch it using Internet Explorer. I used the embed code to insert it with a trigger to play it automatically. The organization I work at uses IE so Firefox is not an option.

I should also mention that vimeo works fine in IE when I play videos directly from's only when I launch my course using IE that it happens.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a fix to share?


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elizabeth klein

Thanks Michael. Your example worked and I looked at it using IE...we're on IE 9....I'll remove the autoplay trigger and see if that really makes a difference...did you have it to play from trigger or when clicked? Wondering if it's an IE9 issue now....grrrrr.

Update: I changed video setting to play when clicked and I still just get the black screen after clicking it...mystery remains

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

I also tested Michael's link and it worked as expected in IE9. Do you have an example you could share with us Elizabeth?

You'll also want to make sure that you're testing the published output within the intended environment as testing it locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions with playing the content.

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