I lost my story file - Recover solutions

Apr 21, 2013


I unfortunately delete my *.story file. I created a folder called Final and saved the file there with the output files. While I was updating the course I saved in Final 2, and them Final 3, etc. The smart one here, thought would be nice to delete Final and Final 2, because the real final was in Final 3. The problem is that the story file was gone with it.

Is there any way to recover the story file by the output files?

I have ways to prove that that is my project, it has my name on it and I published.

I already used 3 different programs to track and recover deleted files, without success. 

Help please.

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Kevin Thorn

When you publish to an specific output directory such as "Final", Storyline overwrites everything in that folder for the new output. For example if you published to web with HTLM5 and Articulate app output, and the next time you published to web only, all the other files get overwritten for the new package. 

If you had a .story file in that directory it gets wiped.

Everyone has their own way of setting up a project directory. I typically create a folder specifically for Storyline source files. Only .story files go there. All publishing goes to the default C/: My Articulate Projects directory. 

Steve Flowers

I'll add to Kevin's reco with something I know he probably does as well. I always work files in a synced zone. So my working directory is always syncing with an offsite storage solution like Dropbox. This way if I accidentally delete my file, I can log into Dropbox and restore it. I can also roll back to a previous version really easily.

I've worked in the risky and fragile zone of one file and one place. Made some serious oops... Since going to the synced zone, the oops have all been recoverable.

Melissa Adams

This looks pretty wrapped up here, but asking again.

I switched laptops with IT, and got everything but my Storyline files. (I forgot they are local files when I installed Articulate 360 on my new laptop and found that I now have 0 Storyline files representing about 80 hours of work.)

IT re-imaged my old laptop already.

I have all of my Storylines in Rise 360 modules. Is there any way to extract them from Rise 360?

I am not looking for advice about what I should have done, please. I got it. Wanting to know what I can do now, if anything.

Thank  you

Geoffrey Nelson

Hm. This thread is a repository of grief!

So here's my issue: I have published a web  version of a Storyline project for my portfolio. My local copy is gone, because the computer it was housed on is no more. Before my Articulate subscription runs out, is there any way to retrieve or shift ownership of the review copy that I can host on my website? I don't need it to do anything but show up and function for people who visit my website.