I'm new to this, I need Help! (Drag & Drop)

Jun 20, 2020

I figured out how to use drag and drop but I can't figure this scenario out. Any help will be appreciated!

This is the problem. This is the casino game Pai Gow. The dealer needs to set his or her hand in a specific order. In this case the Ace & Jack would be placed in the top two targets (easy enough), the bottom five target areas will have the cards 5-5-10-3-2 placed in that exact order. Here is the problem. The two fives can be in either of the first two targets. Example, it can be 5 of spades then 5 of diamonds or the user can place the 5 of diamonds first. both ways are correct. When I use drag and drop it only allows me to put the fives in a specific order. How can I make this work? Thank you, everyone!

Pai Gow

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