Send the dragged items back to original position in drag-n-drop!

Jul 18, 2012

I am trying to develop a drag-n-drop and thanks to that tutorial which informed about how to apply that freeform thing to the drag and drop and use images for drags and targets.

I want to customize this drag-n-drop a bit so once all the drags are placed on targets, feedback would automatically popup and no need for user to click submit or any other button. I fugured out a way to do

Problem is:

Next challenge is to send back incorrectly dragged items to their original positions and give user another chance....I am not able to find any action which can make a drag go back to its original position......can somebody help me please with a workaround ?

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vinayak kadam

Thanks for your reply mate!

I created a button and asked it to reload teh slide with setting teh slide property 'Reset to initial state' and all worked absolutely fine when previewed but... when I published teh same thing in HTML5 and viewed it from my Chrome browser it worked very differently....Two issues noted below:

1. Reset thing did not worked

2. If I place drag_1 on target_1 and then if try to place drag_2 on same target, drag_1 goes back to the original position in the Flash version (story.html) but in HTML5 version both the drags sit on the target i.e. 1st drag is not sent back to its original position. Seems thats a bug in HTML5?

I have attached two video is showing how perfectly it works in Flash version and another video shows the buggy functionality in html5....

Certainly will require more help please!

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