I'm sorry my darling, I love you but I can't afford you!

Jul 18, 2017


My darling Arty,

At $599 I found you irresistible and knew that if I wanted you that was the cost. But at $999 you're simply out of my league.

You surely know my situation: I'm a loner who can't resist the temptation to give my family, friends and charities a PEEK of you or to meet you LIVE. They RISE and applaud after every STORY about you and frequently ask for a REPLAY ... or at least a REVIEW of your talents. They love you as I do; they love what you do and how you look ... but they don't have to pay for you!

I know.

I know your response; I've heard it before ... many  times. But, no matter how much I want to believe you and understand the effort you make to be the leading light in a competitive world, it does not change the fact that I can't meet your expectations.

I feel helpless in my anguish but suspect that I'm not alone. I know there are others who have fallen for your charms equally jealous of those rich enough to afford you.

Please know that my love for you is undiminished .... but I simply cannot see any other option than divorce .... unless .... dear Arty .... you can persuade your benefactor to reward my loyalty.

Don't break my heart!!

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Sam Lincoln

Just to let you all know, I've kissed and made up (for another year)! The value of the all-in-one product PLUS THIS COMMUNITY caused me to reconsider the pain of leaving the family ... I couldn't do it.

But I have asked for greater consideration for those of us who are occasional users of some of the Articulate 360 products who do not use them to earn money.

So, I'm sorry my brothers and sisters, you're stuck with me for a while longer.

Mark Schwartz

Sam, we are thrilled that we remain an item.  It would have broken our heart if you broke up with us. We're delighted that you are seeing value in your Articulate 360 subscription.  And, hopefully, you realize that we continue to get better with age.  Over the next year, you'll continue to love us even more.  Or at very least, we'll continue to work hard to make that happen.   Thanks for the good news!

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