I need help figuring out how to grow a shape.

May 08, 2015

Hi everyone,

I would like some help growing shapes within Storyline 2.  What I have is a slide with a big block made of 4 smaller blocks.  What I want is when you click on one block, it expands to cover all of the blocks and then when you click it again, it shrinks back to its original shape.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thank you!

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Alan Montague, CPLP

If the 4 blocks fill the slide between them then you could try this.

For each block I'd add a layer with the block at full screen. Add animation to fly in from the appropriate corner.

then add a layer that starts with he block in full screen and immediately flies out to the corner and when the layer completes it closes and goes back to the base 4 block image.

Hope that helps a bit.




Rebecca Beam

Thanks for your assistance.  I couldn't get it to do exactly what I was wanting, but I did come up with a similar solution, so I'll share that.

I ended up doing layers for each of the four boxes with a large box covering all four of the small boxes on the base layer.  I then used a combination of a grow entrance animation for .75 with no effect option and a motion path for .75 from the direction I wanted it to come from.  For the motion path I had to choose None for the direction and I moved the start point to be close to the far edge of the small box.

So now when I click on the small box, the layer shows up and the large box simultaneously moves from where the small box is and grows to its full size.

I probably would need Flash animation to truly get the effect I want, but this will work in a pinch.  Thank you for your help!

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