I need help with a custom text interaction - No Enter Key

I'm building an interactive storyline based on screen captures from SAP. In one SAP screen, I need the users to be able to type text in multiple fields without pressing Enter.

In SAP, this screen that I am teaching runs as soon as the user presses Enter, so I need to teach the users to not press Enter until all of the necessary information is filled in.

My attempt at this includes a text interaction field and a hotspot on one slide. The idea was: Have the user click in the text field, type something (anything--this is essentially a short-text field), and then click the hotspot, which would be placed over the next field in which they need to type.

 I have hidden the hotspot on a layer that does not appear until the first text field is clicked. The hotspot is set with triggers to submit the text interaction, and go to the next slide, where the user can type in the next text field, and so on...

All of this is working correctly. I can successfully advance the slides using the correct method. However, I can't seem to find a way to stop the slide from advancing if the user presses Enter after typing in the text field.

I tried adding a layer with a "Try Again" button that appears if/when the user presses the Enter button, and for all I can tell, this would work, if only the original text interaction wasn't overriding the trigger.

The trigger "Set TextEntry12 equal to the typed value -- When the control loses focus" doesn't seem to come with an option to delete.

I feel like my logic is sound, but that the one trigger I need to be rid of is not adjustable. Attached is portion of my project with captions trying to explain what I've done so far. I hope this makes sense.

The next thought I have is that maybe I need to start from a blank slide and use a static screenshot instead of using the screen-capture method to record these particular slides. Maybe this will allow me to build the slides without a pre-recorded TextEntry12 trigger...

I feel like I'm going to go crazy soon. Please help me!

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